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update 12/31/23

long time no see! i'm terribly sorry that i haven't been updating furryring lately, but it's great to see how many new people have joined - last time i checked we were just reaching 100 members and i just added roughly 50! however, i did go through and prune the list - if i couldn't find your furryring widget, or it wasn't working for whatever reason, or your site was causing firefox to read it as a security threat(?!), you were removed from the list. place your widget in a more prominent location and reapply, or email me (see below). happy 2024!

what's a webring?

before search engines existed, webrings were used to connect sites with similar content

sites in a webring each link to two other sites, and if you keep going around the ring, you'll end up where you started

what is furryring for?

i think that mainstream social media sites are harmful for the furry fandom, they make our community weaker and less healthy

my hope is that furryring will help the furry fandom grow and flourish here, in better soil

how do i join?

first, go to the signup sheet and put in the url to your site, as well as the display name you want to be given on the userlist

make sure to put this code in the body of your site:

        <div id='furryring'>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="https://furryring.neocities.org/onionring-variables.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="https://furryring.neocities.org/onionring-widget.js"></script>

and you should probably put this code somewhere in the head, unless you know what you're doing and don't want to use furryring's default styling:

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://furryring.neocities.org/onionring.css">

and you're done! once i get around to it, i'll add your site, and you'll be looped into the ring - keep in mind that your widget might look weird before i add you to the list! i might not add you to the ring if i can't find your widget (since the point is for people to go around and around continuously!)

are there any requirements to join?

the main one is that your site has to feature some furry content - it doesn't need to be dedicated to that, but i should be able to see you're a furry!

also, this webring doesn't allow bigotry of any kind whatsoever, and i reserve the right to remove you from it for any reason whatsoever (or no reason at all)

finally, make sure the widget is actually accessible on your page! if someone lets me know that they can't access the furrywing widget on your site, i may have to remove you from the ring 3:

i have a question, or something's wrong!

send an email with "FURRYRING" in the subject line to:


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